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Q4 Migration ANFT/ETH
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About Us
Why AnimeNFT Token?

Our team is dedicated to our community. It is our goal to combine NFT assets with games that are fun to play and also offer a way to earn passive income.

AnimeNFT is the creator of the most anticipated NFT game called Anime Kingdom, This game will offer in game NFT assets, and you will be able to hunt, fish, explore, build, battle and develop your own real estate plots like never before, all while creating a passive income stream for yourself. Get involved early as these NFTs will be extremely limited. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we believe this will be the future of gaming. We will strive to continue producing innovative NFT products.

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What is NFT Gaming? - Crypto and Blockchain Games Explained!

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ETH Network Launch Price
0.0001 - ANFT
Active Participants & Growing
Estimated Short Term Growth
Total Liquidity
Our Journey
Strategic Project Plan

Our mission is to think out of the box and empower our team to be the most innovative crypto, game, metaverse, and NFT developers in the world. 

Q3 2021 (BNB)
Phase 1

ANB Token creation

BSC Testnet “tier 0”

Start marketing

Phase 2

Game in development

Fair launch $ANB Token on Pancake Swap with locked liquidity (6 Months)

Phase 3

Game character creation

Real-estate plot dev

Finalizing dev team

Q4 2021 (ETH)
Phase 4

Rebrand coin to $ANFT

Launch new website

Migrate / relaunch on ETH

Phase 5

Locked liquidity (forever)

Platform NFT minting aggregator integration into the game

Phase 6

Staking & yielding creation

NFT marketplace dev

Strategic marketing

Q1 2022 (ETH)
Phase 7

Grow community to 6K

Game in dev (50%)

Media attention

Phase 8

Get to 3000 holders

NFT pre-sale in game asset launch & Meta Mask game integration

Phase 9

CoinGecko Listing

Coin Market Cap listing

Major exchange listing

Q2 2022 (ETH)
Phase 10

Anime Kingdom (alpha)

Add other PTE games

NFT vault wallet dev

Phase 11

NFT marketplace launch

In-depth beta testing on game and preparing for global distribution

Phase 12

Get ready to launch game

LBank Listing

Metaverse preparation

Our Dev Team
Motivated, Dedicated and Doxxed
Jeremy D. (Dev)
Co-Founder, Marketing, Network Engineer
Dustin H. (Dev)
Game Developer, Software Engineer
Craig M. (Dev)
Blockchain Developer, Software Engineer
Ashley C. (Dev)
Graphic Designer, Marketing Assistant
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Fishing Rod

Excalibur Sword

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Anime Kingdom
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Real Estate
Passive Income
How To Buy
The AnimeNFT Token
Get Your Fiat Into ETH

If you have never bought cryptocurrency before the first step will be changing your funds into Ethereum,

Get ETH Supported Wallet

Download an Ethereum supported wallet such as Meta Mask. Safely store your keys (important). Locate your wallet address.

Transfer ETH to Wallet

Transfer Ethereum to your new wallet address. Wait patiently until it arrives. The network is fast, but it could still take a bit.

Connect to Uniswap & Swap

Install Uniswap and add our contract address and then swap from ETH to ANFT. Make sure you also add ANFT to your wallet.

Fair Launch:
Mon, Nov 2st @ 7:00 PM (EST)
Total Supply:
1,000,000,000 - ANFT
Buy Tax:
Sell Tax:
Liquidity Pool:
7% (Locked Liquidity Forever)
Transaction Cap:
Token Name:
Project Protocol:
ERC-20 (ETH) - (18 Decimals)
ANFT Token Contract Address:

This address is only for the AnimeNFT contract. Never use it as a wallet address or anything else. If you need assistance or have any questions, please visit our official Telegram room first or contact us via email.

Note: We migrated successfully from BSC chain to ETH on November 2, 2021. All prior holders have received their ANFT airdrops. Trading is active!

Note: Our team will never reach out to you first. If someone does, be careful as it is most likely an imposter.

Please read our disclaimer https://animenftcoin.com/disclaimer/

Supported Wallet:

ANFT is an Ethereum – ERC-20 Token. We recommend Meta Mask or Trust Wallet.

Supported Exchange:

A decentralized global cryptocurrency complete with an efficient NFT system.


It has inherent security which is essential to maintaining the integrity of a ledger.

Our gaming platform is made with high-speed latency and transaction bridging.
AnimeNFT will be partnering with many charity groups and causes around the world.
Updated Nov 11, 2021 - ANFT/ETH - Click for real time

We aspire to put Cryptocurrency in every person’s portfolio. We envision a world where wealth-building strategies that were once only accessible to affluent individuals become available to everyone, transferring the power of our financial systems back to the people.

AnimeNFT is dedicated to creating a revolutionary ecosystem to bring more people into digital assets, building a safe and secure platform that is positioned for global adoption with no limitations, helping to earn a handsome passive income through staking, gaming, real-estate, NFT passive income along with yield farming, as well as maintaining investors privacy, security, and autonomy. We strive to create an ecosystem based on sound monetary policies, with a sound and solid decentralized foundation.

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